Vigilant Residents Fully In Charge Of Service Delivery.


To educate and give power back to residents and ensure appreciation to all that is constitutionally within their reach.


Commitment, Empowerment, Sharing

Aims & Objectives

Putting The Residents In Charge Of Their Dreams

F4SD want residents, young and old, to again have the same vigour they had when liberating ourselves from apartheid. We want society to live in an age of excitement and possibility and to build a constitutional and rights-centred democracy, with a maturing economy coupled with it. We want to inspire and put back in charge the millions of disillusioned residents to renew their belief in their capacity to create their own future. We want all residents, of whatever culture and creed, to join hands in building a country worth living in.

Empowering Residents To Organise And Make Their Own Decisions

Constructing Effective Municipalities F4SD want residents, to be able to organise, articulate ideas and proceed to take their own decisions without fear of being sabotaged or undermined by patronage networks or be left unsupported. They should have a capacity to take decisions that will turn things around. We want to empower residents to take decisions of who they want as a leader, whether in their streets, ward, municipality etc. We will educate ordinary people to stop feeling powerless.

We will teach residents to be different in the way they organise themselves. We want the residents to rely on themselves to do the critical work to build a society, not on highly paid professionals. In this means they will have agency, and not be disempowered victims.

Building Effective Ward Leaders

F4SD wants leaders who are dedicated, competent and accountable and who don’t use their positions to enrich themselves and their families. We will help the community to know how to identify effective ward leaders who will spearhead the process of coming up with solutions to open problems affecting residents. We will coach and mentor ward leaders to enhance their skills, knowledge and experience.

Constructing Effective Municipalities.

F4SD will build civilized, thoughtful municipalities that treat citizens with the dignity we expect and deserve. We will build effective municipalities, where employment and promotion are based on merit. We want municipal servants who are empowered, committed and feel ownership of the work they do in the community.

Reconstruct responsive Ward Economies.

F4SD will reconstruct our ward economies to make them more responsive, viable and inclusive. We will start by reconstructing dilapidated structures, whether in retail, mining or agriculture so that people in the wards are able to eat bread and milk before going to sleep. We will foster the development of skills to empower residents to work in the fast-growing and innovative services sector.

Building Educational Communities.

F4SD will strive to create an environment which enables citizens with an academic aptitude to achieve PhD/Doctoral degrees. We bring back confidence to our residents so that they rate any qualification less than PhD as a non-achievement. We will give support that is within our means to any student who is inspired to achieve the highest qualification possible. We attempt to turn all unused, dilapidated structures in every street we exist into areas of learning.

We will further recognise that those without academic aptitude should take pride in their work, and aim to learn skills that put them at the top of their chosen trade.

Restoring Confidence In Residents And Society

F4SD will educate residents especially the youth not to vent their anger on the streets and destroying the buildings, but to use right channels. To do so requires that we insist that those right channels work as they should. We will restore the reputation of our society by creating and identifying role models, ethical leaders who are dedicated to good governance and respect human rights. We aim to shake residents out of their comfort zones and guide them to do things in a uniquely African way, that leads to a fully functional society.


South Africa is not the only society that has made the transition from police state to democracy. We need to understand why so many of our people still have the habits of the unfree. They do not demand their rights until things have gone so far wrong that mass protest breaks out. We need to develop our own capacity to research best practice in established and emerging democracies as well as working with academics. We will base our campaigns on an evidence-based approach: if what we do does not work, we will reflect on failures and improve our practices for future campaigns.

Why does F4SD exist and what has achieved so far?

F4SD is embodied in the founding principles in the following Four Pillars

  • Grassroots democracy
  • Economic and social justice
  • Non-violence
  • Environmental sustainability

Forum 4 Service Delivery exists to make constitution real in the lives of ordinary people and to make South Africa realize its potential as a modern progressive people-centred democracy.

Forum for Service Delivery again exits to come up with solutions mainly on the following Four Critical Areas:

  • Health Care and Education
  • Land and Housing
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Unemployment and Income equality
    • F4SD has hit the mark with thousands of residents across multiple wards in various provinces. F4SD has assembled an outstanding Growth Guidance Team, is forming a first rate National Forum Executive Council (NFEC) and we are attracting members, volunteers and supporters as we are further forming a grass rooted democratic crusading team from street and ward level up to deliver our campaign across all 9 provinces.

  • The founding of the Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) on the 16th May 2015 was a turning point since there is something going very wrong in South Africa. Our beloved country is faced with government that wastes time reacting to a growing protest movement of toyi–toyi and burning tyres on the streets, rather than actually fixing the complaint of lack of service delivery. What is disheartening is that youth are at the centre of these events – yet the biggest growth in vote share since 1994 is people who do not vote and folding their arms doing nothing except mourning the death of our dream.
  • The Growth Guidance Team is: Mbahare Joe Kekana, Forum Convener, who has been a public servant and residents’ activist for more than 10 years, also founder of NGO named : African Change Foundation, pursuing`a PhD : Political Studies at North West University, completed his masters degree at Free State University; Elias Ngadi Mogoru, National Complier and Communicator, tailing LLB degree at Unisa, former member of ....Union. Katlego Motlagodisa, Student Convener, co–founder of African Change Foundation, concluding IT qualification at Unisa. Koketso.........
  • Growth Guidance Team is on a journey of identifying and appointing our first team interim Ward, Municipal and Province Conveners.
  • Gradually we continue to breed awareness in various wards and municipalities as well as construct necessary social media presence on all platforms available.
  • The launch of ward-based workshops and kgothagothe, themed “Know what you’re worth and do it yourself ” is attaining success.
  • F4SD has started to engage other NGOs and Forums of similar vision to come on board with a view of forming relationships or an alliances, if possible an integration because “mabogo dinku a thebana”.

Forum 4 Service Delivery: Workshop And “Kgothakgothe”

What Is The Workshop And Kgothakgothe About?

Building Educational Communities. The current situation in our country needs knowledgeable and proactive residents who are able to organise themselves, articulate ideas and proceed to take own productive decisions without fear of being sabotaged or unsupported. To take decisions that will turn things around away from favouritism, nepotism, leadership crisis and patronage. We want residents to take decisions of who they want as leaders, whether in their streets, ward, municipality etc. Give support to ordinary people to stop feeling that they are powerless and see waiting for handouts from government as the only option.

7 Key Focus Areas Of The Workshop


Members And Volunteer Values And Opportunities

F4SD is a forum that allows members and volunteers to get more involved and start leading activities. F4SD is a forum that allows members and volunteers to get more involved and start leading activities. F4SD is build around three key values :

Maximising Commitment

Maximizing Empowerment

Members and Volunteers to ensure that F4SD exist in 4000-plus wards located in all 9 Provinces.. Personal and team performance leads to advantages including opportunities to stand for nomination into certain leadership spaces. Progression in the ranks of the forum is merit-based rather than benefaction to ensure the crucial flow between efforts and reward.

Maximising Sharing

F4SD aims to expand and make accessible resources to build a collective approach to community building. As we proceed and grow, we will plough back resources to communities at all times.